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Podcast on DOD Weapons Programs

Each year, we review the Department of Defense’s (DOD) portfolio of major weapons system acquisitions. Our 2015 review was published on March 12th, and this week, we released our podcast on this work. Listen to Mike Sullivan, a director in GAO’s … Continue reading

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Podcast on North Korea Sanctions

North Korean tests of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threaten the United States and other United Nations member states. These types of actions have prompted the U.S. and the U.N. to impose sanctions on North Korea. Hear our podcast with … Continue reading

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Shortages of Drugs Containing Controlled Substances

As we have previously discussed, in the last decade, shortages of prescription drugs have increased nationwide. In recent years, the number of new shortages reported has declined, but the number of active shortages of drugs containing controlled substances—a subset of … Continue reading

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Our Quick Look at Homeland Security Acquisition Programs

We recently released our “quick look” at Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acquisitions, assessing 22 major programs created to help secure the border, enhance cyber security, improve disaster response, and execute a wide variety of other operations. The good news? … Continue reading

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Podcast on Medicaid Payments to Health Care Providers

Under Medicaid, states pay health care providers and receive federal matching funds for their payments. We have previously found that some states’ excessive Medicaid payments to certain provider institutions shifted costs inappropriately from states to the federal government. Hear our … Continue reading

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Traveling Quickly but Safely This Summer

Curious how to pack for your next trip, or how to get into one of those TSA Pre ✔TM lines at the airport? For National Travel and Tourism Week, today’s WatchBlog highlights our recent reports on Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security … Continue reading

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Projecting the Future of Federal Finances: Long-Term Fiscal Simulations

Since 1992, we have prepared long-term fiscal simulations to show federal deficits and debt under different sets of policy assumptions. Our latest update shows that the federal government continues to face a long-term fiscal sustainability challenge.

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Podcast on IRS Controls over Financial and Taxpayer Data

The Internal Revenue Service relies extensively on computer systems and information security controls to protect taxpayers’ sensitive personal and financial data. Hear our podcast with Greg Wilshusen, a director in GAO’s Information Technology team, who led a recent review of … Continue reading

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Podcast on Oversight of DHS Acquisitions

In fiscal year 2014, the Department of Homeland Security planned to spend about $10 billion to acquire tools to protect against terrorism, disease, natural hazards, and border violations. Hear our podcast with Michele Mackin, a director in GAO’s Acquisition and … Continue reading

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Podcast on TSA’s Prohibited Items List

The Transportation Security Administration keeps a list of items that airline passengers aren’t allowed to carry onto planes. Two years ago, TSA raised concerns among stakeholders when it suggested removing small knives from its Prohibited Items List. Listen to our … Continue reading

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