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Cyber Risks and Critical Infrastructure (podcast)

Critical infrastructures—the facilities and systems that support banking, commerce, energy, and agriculture—are vital to our national economy, security, and public health. They’re also vulnerable to cyberattacks, a growing concern in an increasingly connected world. Listen to Greg Wilshusen, a director … Continue reading

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Savings in Security? TSA vs. Private Airport Screeners (podcast)

Some 1.8 million passengers and their property get screened by the Transportation Security Administration at U.S. airports every day. In 2004, TSA began letting airports apply to use private contractors, instead of TSA employees, for screening. Jenny Grover, a director … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Access to Mental Health Care (podcast)

The number of veterans receiving mental health care services from the Veterans Health Administration grew 63% between 2005 and 2013—about three times the rate for all health services. How has the increased demand affected veterans’ access to care? Listen to … Continue reading

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Small Business Administration Management (podcast)

The Small Business Administration is a small agency with a big mission: help Americans start, build, and grow businesses. But for years, the SBA has struggled to manage its own operations. Listen to Bill Shear, a director in our Financial … Continue reading

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VA Overpayments on GI Bill (podcast)

The Post-9/11 GI Bill has provided valuable education benefits—including tuition, housing, and books—to millions of veterans. But of the $10.8 billion paid out in fiscal year 2014, the Department of Veterans Affairs identified $416 million in overpayments. These overpayments create … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much about Geography (podcast)

More than memorizing maps, geography is about the relationship between people and the environment. Fighting the spread of Ebola? Geography helps anticipate possible transmission from one place to another. Growing a business? Geography can help identify the best store locations. … Continue reading

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DOD’s 3D Printing Projects (podcast)

The Department of Defense has used 3D printing to create prosthetics for injured servicemembers and to help design military equipment. But DOD lacks a systemic approach for tracking and sharing its printing projects. Listen to Zina Merritt, a director in … Continue reading

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Assessing Toxic Chemicals at Home and Abroad (podcast)

It’s the Environmental Protection Agency’s job to safeguard public health and the environment. This includes assessing the risks of chemicals—some of which are toxic—in water, land, and air. Yet problems have kept the EPA’s work on our High Risk List. We … Continue reading

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Figuring Out DOD’s Finances (podcast)

The Department of Defense’s budget accounts for more than half the government’s discretionary spending. But problems controlling costs, ensuring basic accountability, and preparing auditable financial statements are among the reasons DOD’s financial management is on our High-Risk List. Listen to … Continue reading

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Podcast on Federal Student Loan Repayment Options

Millions of Americans rely on federal student loans to help finance their education. But outstanding loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. Further, about 14% of borrowers default on their loans within 3 years of entering repayment. Some federal programs exist … Continue reading

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