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Figuring Out DOD’s Finances (podcast)

The Department of Defense’s budget accounts for more than half the government’s discretionary spending. But problems controlling costs, ensuring basic accountability, and preparing auditable financial statements are among the reasons DOD’s financial management is on our High-Risk List. Listen to … Continue reading

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Podcast on Federal Student Loan Repayment Options

Millions of Americans rely on federal student loans to help finance their education. But outstanding loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. Further, about 14% of borrowers default on their loans within 3 years of entering repayment. Some federal programs exist … Continue reading

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Podcast on DOD and Military Ethics

In the high-stakes realm of national defense, professionalism and sound ethical judgement are essential. But recent investigations have revealed misconduct among DOD and military officials related to sexual behavior, bribery, cheating, and more. Listen to Brenda Farrell, a director in … Continue reading

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Podcast on Federal Employee Engagement

It shouldn’t be surprising that both private and public organizations perform better when employees are more engaged—that is, committed to the mission and organization. But after peaking in 2011, federal employee engagement has declined, primarily at several large agencies.

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Podcast on Drones in the National Airspace

Without onboard pilots, drones fly by either remote control or along preprogrammed routes. Commercial uses for these unmanned aerial systems are growing, from wedding photographers snapping aerial photos to companies testing them for delivering goods.

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Podcast on U.S. Assistance to Address Unaccompanied Child Migration

In fiscal year 2014, more than 73,000 unaccompanied children—mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. These children face a host of challenges in their home countries, such as extreme violence and persistent poverty.

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Podcast on Soldier Availability in Army Reserve Components

Over half of the Army’s total force is made up of Reserve and National Guard members. As the number of active-duty soldiers declines, the readiness of Reserve and National Guard soldiers will become increasingly important to our national defense.

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Podcast on Resilience and Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, the federal government appropriated about $50 billion for recovery. Part of this money was to help prepare for, recover from, and adapt to future disasters. This is known as “disaster resilience and hazard mitigation”—something we and others … Continue reading

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Podcast on Advanced Nuclear Reactors

The demand for energy in the United States is expected to keep growing in the coming decades. The Department of Energy considers nuclear energy to be an option to help meet this increased demand without producing air pollution. However, the … Continue reading

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Checking Up on Medicare and Medicaid at 50

Today Medicare and Medicaid turn 50. These landmark programs are the largest sources of health care coverage for millions of older, low-income, and medically needy Americans. Medicare helps provide health care coverage for 54 million aged and disabled individuals, and … Continue reading

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