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Debt Limit 101

Congress has voted to suspend the debt limit through March 15, 2017. But how could future lawmakers address this issue in order to save the federal government money and avoid future disruptions? Today’s WatchBlog examines the debt limit. What is … Continue reading

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Infographic on Pay for Success Projects

Under Pay for Success (also known as Social Impact Bonds), private investors fund prevention programs that are intended to improve social outcomes and reduce future costs to the government. Examples of these programs include early childhood education for disadvantaged children … Continue reading

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Podcast on Federal Employee Engagement

It shouldn’t be surprising that both private and public organizations perform better when employees are more engaged—that is, committed to the mission and organization. But after peaking in 2011, federal employee engagement has declined, primarily at several large agencies.

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Calling on Agencies to Take a Closer Look at Their Phone Bills

Think of your phone bill. Even if you don’t scrutinize it every month, you probably check to make sure the charges seem reasonable or to see if you can get a better deal, especially when your contract is up. Now … Continue reading

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Infographic on Guidance Documents from Federal Agencies

Federal agencies issue many documents targeted to the general public. These guidance documents help explain things like how employers can comply with workplace safety laws or how Head Start grantees can meet requirements.

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Reflections on the Federal Workforce

This week is Public Service Recognition Week, which honors federal workers’ competence and dedication, and reminds us of the important work federal employees perform every day. In honor of this week, today’s WatchBlog reflects on federal workforce management progress and … Continue reading

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Projecting the Future of Federal Finances: Long-Term Fiscal Simulations

Since 1992, we have prepared long-term fiscal simulations to show federal deficits and debt under different sets of policy assumptions. Our latest update shows that the federal government continues to face a long-term fiscal sustainability challenge.

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Halfway to the 2020 Census

Today marks the halfway point between the last decennial census and the next one in 2020. The census is a massive undertaking, and its costs have increased by more than 500 percent over the past 50 years. The Census Bureau … Continue reading

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Big Data 101: Using Large-Scale Data Mining to Find Fraud

You may have heard the term “big data” or “data mining,” but what do those terms mean? Today’s WatchBlog sheds light on how GAO analyzes large amounts of data to identify instances of potential improper payments or fraud.

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Podcast on Physician-Assisted Fraud in SSA Disability Benefits

Each year, the Social Security Administration relies on medical evidence to determine whether millions of new disability benefit claimants are qualified. This evidence, and those who provide it, have raised questions about potential fraud. Hear our podcast with Dan Bertoni, … Continue reading

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