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Getting in the Weeds with Marijuana Legalization

In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass ballot initiatives legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes under state law. The initiatives allowed for personal possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for those at least 21 years … Continue reading

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Asylum Seekers (podcast)

Tens of thousands of people apply for asylum in the United States each year. Asylum officers review these applications for evidence that the people have legitimate fears of persecution. Listen to Rebecca Gambler, a director in our Homeland Security and … Continue reading

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Informing on Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Confidential Informants

Confidential informants, people who provide useful information on criminal activities, can be a major asset to law enforcement officials. Because undercover work can be dangerous for everyone involved, the government has set some ground rules for working with informants. But … Continue reading

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Infographic on Pay for Success Projects

Under Pay for Success (also known as Social Impact Bonds), private investors fund prevention programs that are intended to improve social outcomes and reduce future costs to the government. Examples of these programs include early childhood education for disadvantaged children … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of Being Behind Bars

It doesn’t matter if orange is the new black right now—prisons will remain great fodder for television and film. Yet, what you see on the screen doesn’t always match reality. To help sort fact from fiction, today’s WatchBlog shares some … Continue reading

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What Happens to FBI Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints?

Whistleblowers play a key role in saving taxpayer money and reducing fraud, waste, and abuse in the federal government. But what happens when one faces retaliation for blowing the whistle? Today’s WatchBlog explores what we found happens to whistleblowers at … Continue reading

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Keeping Alcohol Out of the Driver’s Seat—Ignition Interlocks

In 2012, more than 10,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers. While these types of fatalities have dropped over the last decade, almost a third of all traffic fatalities in that time involved alcohol. As we’ve reported, … Continue reading

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Big Data 101: Using Large-Scale Data Mining to Find Fraud

You may have heard the term “big data” or “data mining,” but what do those terms mean? Today’s WatchBlog sheds light on how GAO analyzes large amounts of data to identify instances of potential improper payments or fraud.

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Podcast on TSA’s Prohibited Items List

The Transportation Security Administration keeps a list of items that airline passengers aren’t allowed to carry onto planes. Two years ago, TSA raised concerns among stakeholders when it suggested removing small knives from its Prohibited Items List. Listen to our … Continue reading

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Podcast on Physician-Assisted Fraud in SSA Disability Benefits

Each year, the Social Security Administration relies on medical evidence to determine whether millions of new disability benefit claimants are qualified. This evidence, and those who provide it, have raised questions about potential fraud. Hear our podcast with Dan Bertoni, … Continue reading

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