Podcast on U.S. Assistance to Address Unaccompanied Child Migration

GAO Podcast IconIn fiscal year 2014, more than 73,000 unaccompanied children—mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. These children face a host of challenges in their home countries, such as extreme violence and persistent poverty. Continue reading

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Majoring in the Military with ROTC

thumbnail_defenseBecoming a military officer takes serious preparation and training. Today’s WatchBlog looks at our review of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program, the largest source of newly commissioned officers.

Origin of an officer

Nearly half of new active-duty officers come through ROTC, Continue reading

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Podcast on Soldier Availability in Army Reserve Components

GAO Podcast IconOver half of the Army’s total force is made up of Reserve and National Guard members. As the number of active-duty soldiers declines, the readiness of Reserve and National Guard soldiers will become increasingly important to our national defense. Continue reading

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Afghanistan Drawdown

thumbnail_defenseAfter almost 14 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. military has sent tons of equipment to the region. With combat operations in Afghanistan diminishing, the Department of Defense anticipates that the drawdown will be viewed as one of the most complex logistical operations in U.S. military history. Read on for some of the challenges—and expenses—of getting everything home. Continue reading

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Podcast on Resilience and Hurricane Sandy

GAO Podcast IconAfter Hurricane Sandy, the federal government appropriated about $50 billion for recovery. Part of this money was to help prepare for, recover from, and adapt to future disasters. This is known as “disaster resilience and hazard mitigation”—something we and others have advocated for to Continue reading

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Podcast on Advanced Nuclear Reactors

GAO Podcast IconThe demand for energy in the United States is expected to keep growing in the coming decades. The Department of Energy considers nuclear energy to be an option to help meet this increased demand without producing air pollution. However, the nation’s nuclear reactors Continue reading

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Video on Regenerative Medicine

GAO_Video_icon-largeRegenerative medicine engineers cells to heal themselves. It could help treat previously untreatable conditions by repairing or replacing tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects.

See this cutting-edge technology in action in this video Continue reading

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Checking Up on Medicare and Medicaid at 50

50yrsToday Medicare and Medicaid turn 50. These landmark programs are the largest sources of health care coverage for millions of older, low-income, and medically needy Americans. Medicare helps provide health care coverage for 54 million aged and disabled individuals, and Medicaid helps an estimate 65 million people with low-incomes. Continue reading

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Our New Framework for Managing Fraud Risk

fraud framework thumbnailNobody likes being ripped off, including Uncle Sam. Federal programs face a litany of fraud-related challenges. What can government managers do to better manage fraud risks? For starters, learn about our new fraud risk management framework, a comprehensive set of leading practices to help federal managers mitigate fraud and protect the integrity of hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars. Continue reading

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Video on Power Outages on Military Bases

GAO_Video_icon-largeThe Department of Defense uses computer systems to control electricity, natural gas, and other utility services on its military installations. According to DOD, these systems could be vulnerable to cyber threats. In fact, security testers destroyed a generator in a staged cyberattack. Continue reading

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