Cuppa GAO: Transformational Technology

Logo for Cuppa GAO: Coffee with our expertsScientific and technological innovation is an important component of U.S. economic competitiveness and prosperity. Federal agencies supported these innovations—many of which have resulted in new or significantly enhanced technologies—by funding research to the tune of nearly $70 billion in FY17. These technologies include things like quantum computing—which has the potential to support significant breakthroughs in medicine and data encryption (among other areas)—and synthetic biology—which is already being applied in various fields, like biofuel production and gene editing technology.

Join us on Thursday, October 4th at 11am on Facebook Live for our next Cuppa GAO: Coffee with Our Experts with GAO Director John Neumann, our expert on federal investment in science and tech. The discussion will be about tomorrow’s transformational technologies—what they are, and how the industry and government are preparing for and supporting them.

You can send us your questions in advance at, and then tune in on Thursday for answers.

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