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Visualizing Relationships in Department of Energy Contracting

About 90% of the Department of Energy’s $30 billion budget goes to contracts which help the Department carry out its broad range of programs related to nuclear security, science, energy, nuclear waste cleanup, and more. Contracting isn’t always as simple … Continue reading

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The Life and Times of Elmer B. Staats, Our 5th Comptroller General

Elmer B Staats became the 5th Comptroller General of the United States in 1966 but his influence still looms large today. Today’s Watchblog explores Staats’ role in transforming GAO’s role beyond just financial auditing. The early years Elmer B Staats … Continue reading

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CIO Management Responsibilities Remain a Challenge for Most Agencies

Federal agencies planned to spend more than $96 billion on information technology (IT) in fiscal year 2018. IT systems are critical to the health, economy, and security of the nation. But the government faces longstanding problems in IT management. For … Continue reading

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Federal STEM Education Programs

Education programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) play an important role in preparing students for careers in STEM fields and in enhancing the nation’s global competitiveness. On National STEM Day, today’s WatchBlog explores the federal government’s role in … Continue reading

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GAO’s Contracting and National Security Acquisitions Team

GAO’s workforce is organized largely by subject area, with most employees working in 1 of 14 mission teams, many of which we have highlighted on the WatchBlog. Today we’ll be putting the spotlight on the Contracting and National Security Acquisitions (CNSA) … Continue reading

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Is There a Pink Tax?

We’ve reported on the pay gap between men and women and on women’s lower retirement income compared to men’s. Is there also a “Pink Tax,” where women’s products cost more than men’s? Today’s WatchBlog looks at our recent report on … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity—New Risks and Threats

Picture this: Atlanta’s municipal information system was hit with a cyberattack that prevented customers from accessing multiple applications, including paying bills and viewing court-related information. The Department of Justice reported indicting nine Iranians for a massive cybersecurity theft campaign on … Continue reading

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Understanding Derivatives One Swap at a Time

Did you ever agree to swap your PB&J sandwich for your friend’s bologna sandwich? If so, you did a nonfinancial swap. Since the 1980s, bankers have applied that basic concept to create financial contracts to swap a wide range of … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Event Ticketing

Buying tickets to see your favorite band can be a frustrating experience. Tickets often sell out quickly, only to appear soon after on resale sites at high prices. And when you buy your tickets, you may be hit with high … Continue reading

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Illicit Synthetic Opioids (Podcast and Infographic)

Federal agencies collaborate with each other and with some foreign governments, such as China, Mexico, and Canada, to combat the production and availability of illicit synthetic opioids. Our recent report looks at some of these cooperative activities, such as sharing … Continue reading

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