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74 Years Since the ‘Battle of Midway’—What Happens Now?

It was 74 years ago this week—June of 1942—that one of the major naval battles of World War II raged around the Midway Atoll, a chain of three small islands that are about 1,300 miles from Honolulu. Today, the atoll … Continue reading

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AskGAOLive: Student Loan Debt, a Video Chat from October 29th

Update (11/2/2015): This post has been updated to include links and images shared during the chat. Outstanding student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. And some borrowers are struggling to make their payments—about 12 percent defaulted on their student loans … Continue reading

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Lights out? Cyber Threats to DOD Utilities

Nobody likes being in the dark. Some people invest in a generator or at least some candles for the occasional outage. But what if you’re the Department of Defense, and instead of bad weather knocking out the water or power, … Continue reading

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Videos on Freshwater Use in Hydraulic Fracturing and Thermoelectric Power Plants

Freshwater is a limited natural resource that is essential to the nation’s economic security and prosperity—in no small part because of its role in energy production. The nation’s current droughts highlight questions about how to balance water and energy use. … Continue reading

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Video on Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine engineers cells to heal themselves. It could help treat previously untreatable conditions by repairing or replacing tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects. See this cutting-edge technology in action in this video

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Video on Power Outages on Military Bases

The Department of Defense uses computer systems to control electricity, natural gas, and other utility services on its military installations. According to DOD, these systems could be vulnerable to cyber threats. In fact, security testers destroyed a generator in a … Continue reading

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Join Our AskGAOLive Chat on Retirement Savings, Monday June 29th

Retirement is around the corner for the Baby Boom generation. However, changes in pension plans and uncertainty about the future of Social Security raise questions about whether this and other generations of Americans are saving enough to retire.

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies—the Future of Road Safety?

Every year in the United States, vehicle accidents result in millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths. While the number of fatalities has generally decreased over time—in part due to safety improvements such as seat belts—advanced technologies currently … Continue reading

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Shortages of Drugs Containing Controlled Substances

As we have previously discussed, in the last decade, shortages of prescription drugs have increased nationwide. In recent years, the number of new shortages reported has declined, but the number of active shortages of drugs containing controlled substances—a subset of … Continue reading

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Effects of IRS Challenges on Taxpayers

For most people, today is the last day to file your taxes. IRS has faced many challenges this filing season, including finding better ways to help taxpayers, combating identity theft refund fraud, and navigating new health insurance tax reporting requirements—while … Continue reading

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