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Military Pilots: The View from 30,000 Feet

Military pilots fly both manned and unmanned planes to perform combat, transportation, and surveillance missions and other operations critical to national security. Retaining qualified pilots is important not only to meet national defense needs, but also to recoup the military … Continue reading

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Government’s Security Clearance Process is “High Risk”

Our High Risk List pulls together all the government programs that we consider at high risk to waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, or in need of transformation. We were planning to update this list in early 2019 but made an exception … Continue reading

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Taking Care of the Families of Fallen Servicemembers

Each Memorial Day, the United States remembers military servicemembers who lost their lives in service to the nation. It is also important to remember the families whom fallen servicemembers have left behind, and their tremendous sacrifice for the nation. Today’s … Continue reading

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Majoring in the Military with ROTC

Becoming a military officer takes serious preparation and training. Today’s WatchBlog looks at our review of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program, the largest source of newly commissioned officers. Origin of an officer Nearly half of new active-duty officers … Continue reading

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Podcast on Soldier Availability in Army Reserve Components

Over half of the Army’s total force is made up of Reserve and National Guard members. As the number of active-duty soldiers declines, the readiness of Reserve and National Guard soldiers will become increasingly important to our national defense.

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Podcast on Women in Combat

Since September 2001, more than 300,000 women have served in the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two years ago, the Department of Defense rescinded previous bans on women in direct combat roles and began studying how to implement this … Continue reading

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Combating Sexual Assault in the Military

Thousands of military servicemembers have reported experiencing sexual assaults. Beyond the serious and long-lasting implications for the victims, sexual assault in the military can also negatively affect unit readiness, cohesion, and morale. For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the WatchBlog shares … Continue reading

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