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Why Do Banks Share Your Financial Information and Are They Allowed To?

In a word: yes. If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know that banks and credit unions collect a lot of personal financial information from you, such as your income and credit history. And it’s not uncommon for lenders … Continue reading

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Risks and Benefits of Fintech Lending

Financial technology (fintech) refers to the use of technology and innovation to provide financial products and services—and fintech lending is a growing part of this field. Fintech lenders are nonbank firms that operate online and may use “alternative data,” including … Continue reading

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Housing Finance Weaknesses

Did you buy a house before 2007 and, over the next few years, watch its value fall to less than what you owed on your mortgage? Did you lose a house to foreclosure? Weaknesses in the U.S. housing finance system … Continue reading

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GAO Reports That Help Protect Vulnerable Elders

News stories about older adults whose trusted family members or other caretakers deny them food and water, leave them to live under deplorable conditions, or physically and psychologically abuse them are all too common.  Neglect and abuse can often go … Continue reading

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