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A Snapshot of Government-wide Contracting for FY 2019 (infographic)

From health care to helicopters, the government spends about 40% of its discretionary spending on contracts for goods and services. In FY 2019, the federal government spent more than $586 billion on these contracts, an increase of over $20 billion … Continue reading

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F-35: DOD’s Next Top Gun Aircraft Needs More Time and Attention

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet is critical to national—and international—security. But its stealth technology, advanced sensors, and networking capabilities don’t come cheap: it’s the most expensive weapon program in U.S. military history. Several partner countries have contributed funds and … Continue reading

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GAO’s Summer Reading List

Tomorrow is Read a Book Day! Or, if you’re an American high schooler, happy Finish Your Summer Reading List day! Those classics that teachers assign during the hotter months may not qualify as awesome beach reading, but plenty of those … Continue reading

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GAO’s Contracting and National Security Acquisitions Team

GAO’s workforce is organized largely by subject area, with most employees working in 1 of 14 mission teams, many of which we have highlighted on the WatchBlog. Today we’ll be putting the spotlight on the Contracting and National Security Acquisitions (CNSA) … Continue reading

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