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An Ongoing Risk: Cybersecurity Attacks at Federal Agencies

Similar to how new flu shots come out each year to combat new strains of the virus, agencies must routinely adapt their cybersecurity efforts to address evolving threats. In today’s WatchBlog, we look at the federal government’s approach to and … Continue reading

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Is DOD Ready to Support a Response to a Cyber Attack?

Critical infrastructure—the facilities and systems that support banking, commerce, energy, and more—is vital to our national economy, security, and public health. It can also be vulnerable to cyber attacks, which are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and severity. In the event … Continue reading

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Watching Out for Federal Cybersecurity

The federal government relies on computer networks and systems to provide essential services affecting the health, economy, and defense of the nation. Incidents of hacking or cyber attacks place sensitive information at risk, with potentially serious effects on federal and … Continue reading

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