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Illicit Synthetic Opioids (Podcast and Infographic)

Federal agencies collaborate with each other and with some foreign governments, such as China, Mexico, and Canada, to combat the production and availability of illicit synthetic opioids. Our recent report looks at some of these cooperative activities, such as sharing … Continue reading

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Security of Federal Facilities Leased from Foreign Owners (Podcast)

The federal government leases space for many high-security federal agencies—such as the FBI and the DEA—which may conduct classified operations and handle sensitive data. If the spaces are in buildings owned by foreign entities, how does the government address potential … Continue reading

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Informing on Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Confidential Informants

Confidential informants, people who provide useful information on criminal activities, can be a major asset to law enforcement officials. Because undercover work can be dangerous for everyone involved, the government has set some ground rules for working with informants. But … Continue reading

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Our Prescriptions for Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drugs are generally safe when taken as directed, but they can also be abused. Moreover, some people try to use their insurance to pay for prescriptions they shouldn’t be getting. Read on for our look at how two federal … Continue reading

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Shortages of Drugs Containing Controlled Substances

As we have previously discussed, in the last decade, shortages of prescription drugs have increased nationwide. In recent years, the number of new shortages reported has declined, but the number of active shortages of drugs containing controlled substances—a subset of … Continue reading

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