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Racial Disparities in Health Care and the Role of Government

Over the past several years, GAO has been asked to examine various racial inequalities in public programs and we have made recommendations to find and address them. Today’s WatchBlog looks at disparities in health care. Maternal Mortality Our work has … Continue reading

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A Multi-Front Effort on Substance Abuse

As drug overdose deaths have grown to unprecedented levels in America, federal efforts have attempted to combat the substance abuse problem on multiple fronts. Programs and new laws have addressed everything from keeping tabs on Medicare opioid prescriptions to gathering … Continue reading

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Closer Look at a New High Risk Area—Managing Risks and Improving VA Health Care

Last week, we issued our 2015 update to our High Risk List. Today, we take a closer look at 1 of the 2 new areas: Managing Risks and Improving VA Health Care. In the spring and summer of 2014, delays … Continue reading

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