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Homeownership During A Recession

The current economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could make it more difficult for some people to purchase their first home, or for out-of-work homeowners to pay their mortgages. The last recession—the Great Recession (2007-2011)—led to nearly a decade … Continue reading

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Getting a Good Deal — How to Do Federal Contracting Right

Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Economics for their contributions to contract theory—which looks at how contract incentives help resolve conflicts of interest between parties. And, as anyone who’s hired a contractor knows, ensuring that … Continue reading

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Podcast on the Future of Nanomanufacturing

Nanotechnology is playing an increasing role in the manufacturing sector. GAO recently held a forum on the future of nanomanufacturing and its potential effects on U.S. competitiveness. Listen to a podcast with GAO Chief Scientist Tim Persons on the highlights … Continue reading

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