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GAO’s Scorecard—How we saved the federal government $77.6 billion this year

GAO audits federal programs and spending to ensure that taxpayer dollars are protected and that programs operate effectively and efficiently. While we share our findings with Congress and the public through hundreds of reports and testimonies issued throughout the year, … Continue reading

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Drone Safety (video podcast)

Over a million Americans flew drones in 2017 for recreational or commercial purposes, and the Federal Aviation Administration expects that number to more than double over the next 5 years. Drones can pose a number of safety risks—like potential crashes … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be Well Insured

You should have pretty good insurance before handing your car keys to Han Solo. While we don’t have insights into the Millennium Falcon’s insurance policy, the federal government has helped the commercial space launch industry since 1988 by sharing the … Continue reading

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Where No Auditor Has Gone Before

It’s Star Trek’s 50th anniversary—it first took viewers “where no man has gone before” in 1966. Since then, the Enterprise and its sister ships have spent much of their time at warp speeds, saving planets and fending off hostile life … Continue reading

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Government IT Systems Still at Risk

Lately, it’s a recurring news story—another hack, leak, or breach, and sensitive information is compromised. We’ve long identified information system security as a high-risk area throughout the government. So for October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re highlighting federal cybersecurity challenges.

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Podcast on Drones in the National Airspace

Without onboard pilots, drones fly by either remote control or along preprogrammed routes. Commercial uses for these unmanned aerial systems are growing, from wedding photographers snapping aerial photos to companies testing them for delivering goods.

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Aviation Safety: Need to Know

While the U.S. aviation system is one of the safest in the world and major aircraft crashes have become less common, close calls in the air and on the ground still frequently occur. For National Safety Month, the WatchBlog gathered … Continue reading

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Podcast on FAA Air Traffic Control Systems and Information Security

The Federal Aviation Administration relies on a vast array of increasingly interconnected systems and networks for air traffic control. Protecting these systems from internal and external threats is essential to ensuring safe, orderly, and efficient travel through our international air … Continue reading

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