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USAspending.gov Contains a Treasure Trove of Information, But How Reliable Is It?

August 14 is the deadline for agencies, including those that led the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to certify their spending data made available on USAspending.gov. Federal agencies are required to report spending information under the DATA Act, and … Continue reading

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GAO’s 2019 Performance and Accountability Report — A Record Year in Financial Benefits

Every year, we report on how we’ve supported Congress and improved the performance and accountability of the federal government. This year, we are happy to report that we saved the government a record $214.7 billion—that’s $338 dollars for every dollar … Continue reading

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Did You Know the Government Gets Audited, Too?

Tax season has many people diligently filing their returns to avoid being audited. While the federal government is not a tax-paying entity, it actually undergoes an audit of its financial statements every year. How do we know? Because we perform … Continue reading

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Our 3rd Comptroller General, Lindsay C. Warren

Updated: Though we recognize Mr. Warren’s accomplishments below, Comptroller General Warren actively worked to prevent North Carolina from approving women’s suffrage and while in the U.S. Congress, argued for racial segregation in congressional facilities. Those efforts are diametrically opposed to … Continue reading

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GAO’s Financial Management and Assurance Mission Team

GAO’s workforce is organized largely by subject area, with many of its employees working in 1 of 14 mission teams. Today we’ll be putting the spotlight on the Financial Management and Assurance (FMA) team, which helps improve and transform the … Continue reading

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