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A Closer Look at GAO’s Watchdog Report for International Podcast Day

It’s International Podcast Day! Did you know GAO has been podcasting since 2010? In addition to traditional podcasts about significant issues in our reports, we’ve also experimented with video podcasts and done podcasts about internal GAO operations, such as the … Continue reading

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Following the Federal Dollar… geographically

When you think of the federal government, Washington, D.C. likely comes to mind. But the truth is that federal agencies and programs actually operate throughout the nation—from disaster recovery efforts to naval shipyards and federal data centers. What you might … Continue reading

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GAO’s Professional Development Program – Watchdogs in Training

New entry-level staff at GAO spend their first 2 years in the Professional Development Program, which provides a wealth of on-the-job experience, classroom trainings, and career development opportunities. In today’s WatchBlog, we take a glimpse at what it’s like for … Continue reading

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