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Smartphone Apps and Stalking

These days, wherever people go, their smartphones follow—often collecting location data along the way. You may choose to download an app to your phone to share this information. For example, an app can show your friend how far away you … Continue reading

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Tracking Criminals with GPS

What are satellites tracking? They’re probably just helping you find the closest coffee shop, track your latest workout, or arrive safely on your next flight. But for people under house arrest, on probation, or out on parole, GPS is increasingly … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much about Geography (podcast)

More than memorizing maps, geography is about the relationship between people and the environment. Fighting the spread of Ebola? Geography helps anticipate possible transmission from one place to another. Growing a business? Geography can help identify the best store locations. … Continue reading

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technologies—the Future of Road Safety?

Every year in the United States, vehicle accidents result in millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths. While the number of fatalities has generally decreased over time—in part due to safety improvements such as seat belts—advanced technologies currently … Continue reading

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