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Rural Hospital Closures Create More Distance Between Residents and Care

Rural hospitals provide essential health care to both rural and nearby urban communities, including COVID-19 treatment and services. Yet, more than 100 rural hospitals closed from January 2013 to February 2020. While this number may seem small, it’s having a … Continue reading

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The Military’s Pandemic Response—Supporting Civil Authorities

The Department of Defense (DOD) often is expected to play a critical role in helping respond to a pandemic or medical disaster. For example, during the Zika virus outbreak in 2016, DOD collaborated with the Department of Health and Human … Continue reading

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Podcast on Electronic Health Records

The use and exchange of electronic health records among health care providers could potentially improve outcomes and quality of care for patients. GAO recently released reports on participation in electronic health records programs and HHS efforts to address information exchange … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Burned—Burn Awareness Week

Hot drinks, fireplaces, space heaters—as people try to beat the cold, it makes sense to ensure that they’re ready to treat potential burn injuries. That’s why the first week in February is National Burn Awareness Week, an annual observation to … Continue reading

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