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Big bank regulators at risk of influence?

“Regulatory capture”—when regulators act in the interest of the industry they’re regulating, rather than the public good—is a big concern, especially when it comes to big banks. Today’s WatchBlog explores how it happens and what regulators can do to protect … Continue reading

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Our 4th Comptroller General, Joseph Campbell—an Auditor, Not a Bowler

President Dwight D. Eisenhower nominated Joseph Campbell as the 4th U.S. Comptroller General of the United States more than seven months after Lindsay C. Warren retired. The nomination came as a surprise to many involved—including Campbell. As part of our … Continue reading

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The Future of the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship

Since 2004, the Navy has been working on acquiring a new class of ship intended to provide surface combat capabilities near the shore (the littoral zone). The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) was intended to have lower acquisition costs and to … Continue reading

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GAO Receives ‘Clean Opinion’ from International Peer Review

GAO has received a “clean opinion”—the best review possible—from an independent international peer review team that closely examined the agency’s quality assurance system. This year’s review cited GAO’s institutional structures and organizational culture for clearly prioritizing quality and independence, values that … Continue reading

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