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Recent Cyberattacks Further Highlight Need For Action

Recent high-profile and widespread cyberattacks on federal agencies and national infrastructure have further highlighted the need for the government to address this attack and prevent future ones. However, these threats and the challenges in addressing them are long-standing and have … Continue reading

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Why Do Banks Share Your Financial Information and Are They Allowed To?

In a word: yes. If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know that banks and credit unions collect a lot of personal financial information from you, such as your income and credit history. And it’s not uncommon for lenders … Continue reading

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FedRAMP—Ensuring Safe Use of Cloud Computing by Federal Agencies

Federal agencies increasingly use internet-based (cloud) services to fulfill their missions. However, those services pose cybersecurity risks when agencies don’t effectively implement related security controls. The 2011 Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (or FedRAMP) aims to standardize the approach … Continue reading

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Prioritizing the Needs of the Federal IT Workforce

The federal government spends over $90 billion on information technology (IT) every year. However, IT projects frequently fail, go over budget, or face unexpected delays. Additionally, threats to federal IT infrastructure continue to grow in number and sophistication. Federal agencies … Continue reading

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Federal Information Security: There’s Work to Do

Just about every federal government operation—from processing taxes and protecting national parks to coordinating military operations and delivering foreign aid—relies in some way on computers. Protecting government computer systems and the information stored in them is vital, and a 2014 … Continue reading

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Preparing for Evolving Cybersecurity Threats Facing the U.S. Electric Grid

Electricity is essential for modern life. In addition to our modern home conveniences, like our microwaves, computers, and lighting, electricity is vital to hospitals, first responders, and financial services in our country. So, what would happen if our electric grid … Continue reading

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Proving You’re You: How Federal Agencies Can Improve Online Verification

So much of how we collect and share information in today’s world is done online. We get our news. We do our shopping and banking. We book appointments. And online access has even made it easier for us to apply … Continue reading

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