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Big bank regulators at risk of influence?

“Regulatory capture”—when regulators act in the interest of the industry they’re regulating, rather than the public good—is a big concern, especially when it comes to big banks. Today’s WatchBlog explores how it happens and what regulators can do to protect … Continue reading

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IRS in Need of Better Controls to Safeguard Taxpayer Data

Every tax season, you send information to the IRS about your salary, marriage status, and other personal and financial information. We’ve looked at whether IRS has effective controls in place to protect the sensitive financial and taxpayer data in its … Continue reading

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GAO Revising the Green Book Standards for Internal Control

[Update (9/26/2014): The 2014 revision of the Green Book has now been issued. Read about it here.] Internal controls are the plans, methods, policies, and procedures organizations use to ensure that they are using their resources most effectively. GAO publishes Standards … Continue reading

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