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Dress Rehearsal: 2020 Census

Our staff are in the field this week observing the Census Bureau’s last complete test of operations before the 2020 Census. The “End-to-End Census Test” is the culmination of the Bureau’s research and planning efforts over the past decade to … Continue reading

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Information Technology and Veterans Affairs

Avid readers of the WatchBlog have seen some of our many posts on veterans’ access to health care and other support services, such as disability payments. Despite years of attempts to correct ongoing problems with health care and disability benefits, … Continue reading

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Who Let the Watchdogs Out? We’re on Location Discussing the Internet of Things (video podcast)

Have you ever used a fitness tracker to measure your daily steps? Or adjusted your home thermostat from your phone? If you answered yes, then you’ve experienced the Internet of Things. If you haven’t heard the term before, the Internet … Continue reading

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Prepping for the 2020 Census

The Census Bureau gets just one chance each decade to count the country’s population—and this week marks 3 years until the next one. The Bureau has planned a number of innovations for the 2020 census that are intended to cut … Continue reading

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Federal Cybersecurity Challenges

These days, when you turn on the news you almost always see another hack, leak, or breach putting sensitive information at risk. But we’ve been focusing on keeping federal agency information systems secure for a long time. For October’s Cybersecurity … Continue reading

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Eyes in the Sky | Could We Be Headed for Less Accurate Weather Forecasts?

Satellites are critical for timely forecasts and warnings of extreme weather events. But, as we’ve discussed before, some of these satellites are aging and should be replaced. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration oversees key weather satellites, and today we’re … Continue reading

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Securing the Nation’s Most Sensitive Information (podcast)

High-impact federal information systems hold sensitive information, which, if lost, could cause catastrophic harm to individuals, the government, and the nation. We recently surveyed federal agencies about cyber threats to high-impact systems and efforts to protect them. Listen to Greg … Continue reading

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Legacy IT Systems (podcast)

The federal government invests more than $80 billion annually on IT. Much of this money is spent operating and maintaining legacy IT systems—some of which are decades old. Is this the best use of federal IT dollars? And what are … Continue reading

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The Taxman Cometh

Usually, April 15 is the deadline for filing federal individual income tax returns. However, this year, due to Washington, D.C.’s celebration of Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15, the deadline for most of the nation is today, April 18. (Due … Continue reading

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Weaknesses in IRS Information Security (podcast)

To do its job, the IRS has to collect and keep a variety of sensitive information about taxpayers. But how does it make sure this information is secure? Listen to Greg Wilshusen, a director in our Information Technology team, discuss … Continue reading

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