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From Submarines to Fighter Jets—Repairing DOD’s Vast Array of Weapon Systems

DOD’s repair depots ensure that critical weapon systems like aircraft, submarines, and tanks are ready for military operations. But if these depots can’t complete maintenance on time, DOD’s weapon systems can’t be used for operations and training. So, how are … Continue reading

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DOD: Prioritizing Amid Changing Threats

The 2018 National Defense Strategy (which guides the military’s defense priorities) calls for the Department of Defense (DOD) to urgently develop a lethal, resilient, and rapidly adapting joint force in order to address growing threats to U.S. security. But how … Continue reading

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The Surge Sealift Fleet—Shipping Military Supplies For Any Major Event

More than 90% of military equipment, supplies, and fuel travels by sea. When the military deploys anywhere, the demand for naval transportation grows. Additional shipping capacity must be ready to assist in any major event, ranging from a natural disaster … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished? What DOD Needs to Do to Address Its Key Challenges

Defending the nation is no easy task. DOD faces a wide array of evolving threats. And more than a decade of warfare has taken its toll on DOD personnel and equipment. So where does that leave the Department? Today’s WatchBlog … Continue reading

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Podcast on Soldier Availability in Army Reserve Components

Over half of the Army’s total force is made up of Reserve and National Guard members. As the number of active-duty soldiers declines, the readiness of Reserve and National Guard soldiers will become increasingly important to our national defense.

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