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Move Over! How Are Governments Trying to Protect First Responders From Roadside Crashes? (video)

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road while cars and trucks whiz by? If so, you likely appreciate how dangerous and unnerving it can be. America’s emergency responders – police, firefighters, and EMTs – face this danger every … Continue reading

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Who is in the Driver’s Seat? 

Driverless cars conjure up images of relaxing in traffic while your car chauffeurs you home.  Companies are racing to develop automated vehicle technologies, and cars like this may be just around the corner. But are they safe? Today’s WatchBlog takes … Continue reading

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911 – What Is Your Emergency?

Each year, Americans make approximately 240 million calls to 911—of those, 80% are from wireless devices. The existing 911 system, however, relies on aging infrastructure that is not designed to accommodate modern communications technologies. As a result, states and localities … Continue reading

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Navigating Auto Recalls

Is your car one of the over 50 million affected by safety recalls in 2016? How would you know? In December 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  began consolidating its various websites (including safercar.gov) into NHTSA.gov to provide a … Continue reading

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Turning Teens into Safer Drivers

When we reported on teen driver safety in 2010, 16- to 20-year-old drivers had the highest fatal crash rate of any age group in the United States. To help address this, many states adopted laws restricting teen driving. Late last year, … Continue reading

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