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Recent Cyberattacks Further Highlight Need For Action

Recent high-profile and widespread cyberattacks on federal agencies and national infrastructure have further highlighted the need for the government to address this attack and prevent future ones. However, these threats and the challenges in addressing them are long-standing and have … Continue reading

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What is 5G and Why Does It Matter?

Billed as the next generation of wireless technology, 5G has the potential to transform industries and society now and in the years to come. But what is 5G and what does it make possible? Today’s WatchBlog explores the latest in … Continue reading

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattacks

The nation’s critical infrastructures —such as energy, transportation systems, communications, and financial services—are dependent on information technology (IT) systems and electronic data to carry out and report on operations. But these systems are increasingly at risk from things like insider … Continue reading

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DOD: Prioritizing Amid Changing Threats

The 2018 National Defense Strategy (which guides the military’s defense priorities) calls for the Department of Defense (DOD) to urgently develop a lethal, resilient, and rapidly adapting joint force in order to address growing threats to U.S. security. But how … Continue reading

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Emerging Threats to the United States

The United States faces many threats to our political, economic, military, and social systems that could hurt national security. Federal agencies, including the Departments of Defense, State, and Homeland Security, as well as the Office of the Director of National … Continue reading

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Building Tomorrow’s Army

The Army—the oldest and largest of the U.S. military services—has a plan to reduce its size but still be able to meet threats against the nation. Balancing these national defense concerns, such as terrorism and other threats, with how much … Continue reading

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