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Creating Explosives for Nuclear Weapons

Those yellow pebbles pictured on the left? While they might look a lot like Halloween candy, they are far from it. They’re actually formulated explosives the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration uses to create weapons. In today’s WatchBlog, … Continue reading

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GAO Reports by the Numbers: Natural Resources and Environment

From environmental issues to agriculture to radioactive substances, our Natural Resources and Environment team reports on topics that impact the natural world around us, the food we eat, and the disposal of nuclear waste, among other things. To get a … Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons and the U.S. Strategic Triad

When the United States first developed nuclear weapons, no one anticipated that the country would need three ways to deliver them. But, since the 1960s, U.S. nuclear weapons have been deployed by air, land, and sea. These three modes of … Continue reading

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