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Securing Anthrax (and Other Dangerous Pathogens)—the Risk of “Incomplete Inactivation”

In 2015, the Department of Defense discovered that one of its laboratories had inadvertently sent live anthrax to almost 200 other labs worldwide over 12 years. Labs routinely inactivate samples of dangerous pathogens so they can be shipped to other … Continue reading

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High-Containment Labs (podcast)

To protect the public’s health, scientists working on things like anthrax and bird flu keep those diseases in “high-containment labs.” Yet, government agencies have mistakenly shipped live samples of anthrax from such labs, raising some serious management questions. A team … Continue reading

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Podcast on Food Safety and Reducing Pathogens in Poultry

The U.S. food supply is one of the safest in the world, yet the CDC estimates that pathogens like salmonella in contaminated food, especially poultry, cause more than 2 million human illnesses per year. Hear our podcast with Alfredo Gomez, … Continue reading

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