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Move Over! How Are Governments Trying to Protect First Responders From Roadside Crashes? (video)

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road while cars and trucks whiz by? If so, you likely appreciate how dangerous and unnerving it can be. America’s emergency responders – police, firefighters, and EMTs – face this danger every … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things (video)

“Internet of Things” (IoT) generally refers to everyday devices that you can find around your house—such as thermostats, smart speakers, or refrigerators—that now connect to a network or the Internet. But, the federal government is also using this technology for … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Going Back to School

States and local governments are grappling with how to bring K-12 students back to school safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic—whether in person, virtually, or via a hybrid model. Yet, even before COVID-19, several schools across the country had to close … Continue reading

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How prepared are airports and airlines to handle a pandemic?

Physical distancing and avoiding shared surfaces can be quite difficult when it comes to air travel. Airports and airplanes have many of the features that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend you avoid to prevent the spread of diseases, … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays? Not So Fast…

Flights delayed or canceled, passengers bumped, family celebrations missed—we’ve all heard the air travel horror stories. What recourse do you have if it happens to you? Well, that can depend on what caused the problem. Today’s WatchBlog takes a closer … Continue reading

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A GAO Photo Album

They say a picture is worth a thousand words—which is one reason our Watchdogs often snap photos on the audit trail to use as evidence in our reports. In today’s WatchBlog, we’re highlighting some of the photos that helped to … Continue reading

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And the Emmy Goes to…

What do primetime television shows have to do with the work we do? More than you might think! We’re gearing up for this Sunday’s Emmys by looking at how some of the nominated shows deal with issues we’ve reported about. … Continue reading

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GAO Reports by the Numbers: Physical Infrastructure

From transportation and telecommunications to federal assets and the Postal Service, our Physical Infrastructure team reports on topics that impact the way we travel, communicate, and conduct business.

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911 – What Is Your Emergency?

Each year, Americans make approximately 240 million calls to 911—of those, 80% are from wireless devices. The existing 911 system, however, relies on aging infrastructure that is not designed to accommodate modern communications technologies. As a result, states and localities … Continue reading

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Are Your Online Purchases Legit?

More counterfeit goods, drugs, and other illegal or prohibited items may be entering the United States as people increasingly buy things online. So, today’s WatchBlog explores how Customs and the Postal Service screen packages coming into the United States and … Continue reading

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