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Getting in Fiscal Shape — How Changing Future Spending and Revenue Could Improve Government Finances (interactive graphic)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic turmoil and resulted in unprecedented federal spending to address the public health and economic crisis. However, even before the pandemic, the federal government was on an unsustainable fiscal path caused by an imbalance in … Continue reading

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The Federal Government Is on an Unsustainable Fiscal Path

Growing debt is not just a number—it represents a threat to our economy and our ability to meet national needs and priorities. The federal deficit (the amount of money spent vs. the amount collected) increased for the fourth consecutive year. … Continue reading

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Podcast on GAO’s State and Local Fiscal Outlook Model Update

State and local governments nationwide face long-term fiscal sustainability challenges. Since 2007, GAO has published simulations of fiscal trends in the state and local government sectors. Explore the state and local fiscal outlook model, and hear our podcast with Michelle Sager, … Continue reading

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Video on our Duplication and Cost Savings Work

In light of today’s challenging fiscal environment, improving government efficiency and effectiveness is important. Our work has identified hundreds of specific actions that the federal government can take–or in some cases, has already taken–to reduce or better manage fragmentation, overlap, and … Continue reading

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GAO Reports Help NASA Oversee Major Projects

Each year, we produce several reports that look at a variety of topics at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). One of these annual reports is known as the “NASA Quick Look,” which provides an overview of the NASA … Continue reading

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