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The Critical Role of Federal Partnerships with States & Local Governments During COVID-19

Partnerships between federal and local entities are key to achieving national goals for education, health care, transportation, and homeland security, as well as responding to emergencies such as hurricanes or—more recently— the coronavirus pandemic. Today’s WatchBlog looks at our recent … Continue reading

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When it comes to taxes, there’s a transparency gap in the gig economy

July 15 is the deadline for tax return filing and payments and the same deadline for estimated quarterly payments. Workers in the “gig” economy face unique challenges to fulfill these obligations. Today’s WatchBlog looks at a large subset of the gig … Continue reading

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Our plan to save the government tens of billions of dollars through reducing fragmentation, overlap and duplication.

The federal government has made an unprecedented financial response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. At the same time, opportunities exist for achieving tens of billions of dollars in financial savings and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range … Continue reading

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As COVID-19 aid arrives, be on the lookout for scams

[Correction—This blog has been corrected to indicate that FDA has approved a home test collection kit, as of May 8, 2020.] As individuals, employers, and agencies await aid from the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, … Continue reading

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Census Operations During COVID-19

April 1st is Census Day—an important marker for reporting where you live as of April 1, 2020, for the 2020 Decennial Census. The census, which includes a population count, has real consequences for how seats in the House of Representatives … Continue reading

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Are You Paying Taxes on Your Virtual Currency?

It’s tax filing season and time to gather your information and fill out your tax forms. But did you know that if you use virtual currency, like bitcoin, you may have to report it to IRS and include it in … Continue reading

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The DATA Act: Checking in on Spending Transparency

Federal agencies spend over $4 trillion a year. But how that money is spent isn’t always easy to track. That’s one reason why Congress passed the DATA Act—requiring agencies not only to publicly report spending data on USAspending.gov, but also … Continue reading

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Digging Deep on the 2020 Census with GAO’s New Podcast Series

Today we’re introducing a new breed of GAO podcast — Watchdog Report: Deep Dig. While our traditional podcast tends to zero in on the bottom line of one of our new reports, Deep Dig will explore broader issues we examine, … Continue reading

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Tackling the Tax Gap

Tax season is upon us, and many of us will soon be sitting down to figure out and pay our share. But this year, like every year, some taxpayers intentionally or inadvertently won’t fully pay what they owe. The difference … Continue reading

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Halfway to the 2020 Census

Today marks the halfway point between the last decennial census and the next one in 2020. The census is a massive undertaking, and its costs have increased by more than 500 percent over the past 50 years. The Census Bureau … Continue reading

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