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What is 5G and Why Does It Matter?

Billed as the next generation of wireless technology, 5G has the potential to transform industries and society now and in the years to come. But what is 5G and what does it make possible? Today’s WatchBlog explores the latest in … Continue reading

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GAO Reports by the Numbers: Physical Infrastructure

From transportation and telecommunications to federal assets and the Postal Service, our Physical Infrastructure team reports on topics that impact the way we travel, communicate, and conduct business.

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The Internet of Things – Are We Ready for 50 Billion Things?

Your Fitbit, TV remote, microwave, and other wireless devices that use a network to communicate are part of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Their use is growing fast—some experts forecast that 25-50 billion devices will be in use by 2025. … Continue reading

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Calling on Agencies to Take a Closer Look at Their Phone Bills

Think of your phone bill. Even if you don’t scrutinize it every month, you probably check to make sure the charges seem reasonable or to see if you can get a better deal, especially when your contract is up. Now … Continue reading

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GAO’s Physical Infrastructure Team

GAO’s workforce is organized largely by subject area, with most employees working in 1 of 14 mission teams. Today, we’ll spotlight the Physical Infrastructure (PI) team, which helps Congress and federal agencies better manage the physical infrastructure network that connects … Continue reading

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