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Eyes in the Sky | Could We Be Headed for Less Accurate Weather Forecasts?

Satellites are critical for timely forecasts and warnings of extreme weather events. But, as we’ve discussed before, some of these satellites are aging and should be replaced. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration oversees key weather satellites, and today we’re … Continue reading

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Weather Forecasting—Outlook Unclear

Weather forecasts can warn people before major storms strike—allowing time to protect homes, businesses, and lives. We have previously discussed the importance of the satellites the United States uses for its forecasts, and wanted to update our readers on recent … Continue reading

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It’s Hurricane Season—Informing Federal Disaster Management

Hurricane season is well under way, and we’re highlighting some of our reports and resources that can help inform federal disaster management in events such as hurricanes. 2014’s first named storm, Hurricane Arthur, has already found a place in the … Continue reading

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Climate Change Adaptation and National Security

In a new report, we assessed the Department of Defense’s (DOD) actions to adapt its U.S. infrastructure to the challenges of climate change. While it’s not possible to link any individual weather event to climate change, these events provide insight … Continue reading

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How Gaps in Weather Satellite Data Could Affect You

Heck of a lot of weather we’re having lately, with the polar vortex and record cold temperatures across the country. People rely on the weather forecast to determine how to be safe outdoors. This can also be important during hurricane … Continue reading

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