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How the Government Engaged the Public to Help Rebuild After Sandy: The Rebuild by Design Competition

Today we’re pleased to share a blog post written by one of our 2016 summer interns, Lauren Shaman, a graduate student at Indiana University. As the fourth anniversary of superstorm Sandy draws near, let’s take a look at one of … Continue reading

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National Save for Retirement Week

The U.S. population is changing and so is retirement. Boomers are aging, traditional pensions are shifting to voluntary contribution plans, and Social Security faces important financial challenges. Planning—and saving—for retirement is more important than ever. For National Save for Retirement … Continue reading

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The Great Shake Out: What You Need to Know About Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake preparedness helps protect lives and property from the devastation that earthquakes can cause. It’s particularly important for earthquakes that are difficult to predict or arrive with little warning. The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are happening tomorrow—are you prepared? To … Continue reading

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Measuring Federal Employee Performance

For many federal employees, October means another cycle of performance appraisals and ratings. Federal agencies need employees who do good work, so today’s WatchBlog looks at what it takes to rate federal employees, how they measure up, and what to … Continue reading

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Thinking about Joining Medicare Advantage?

If you have Medicare, this time of year always brings an opportunity to switch health plans during the annual open enrollment period, which starts this weekend and runs through December 7. About 30% of Medicare participants choose Medicare Advantage plans—the … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Health Care Physician Credentials (podcast)

Are our veterans always being treated by qualified physicians? Millions of vets rely on the Veterans Health Administration to provide them with health care services, and VHA contracts out some of these services. How much does VHA know about these … Continue reading

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Federal Disaster Assistance (infographic)

Hurricane Matthew is one of the strongest storms to impact U.S. shores in decades. The federal government has a role in helping the nation respond to and recover from hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and other major disasters or emergencies. Our infographic … Continue reading

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Federal Cybersecurity Challenges

These days, when you turn on the news you almost always see another hack, leak, or breach putting sensitive information at risk. But we’ve been focusing on keeping federal agency information systems secure for a long time. For October’s Cybersecurity … Continue reading

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Earthquake Preparedness (podcast)

As the 2011 Virginia earthquake demonstrated, earthquakes aren’t just a west coast concern. The quake shook the entire D.C.-metro region, surprising a population unaccustomed to seismic activity—including us. Unlike hurricanes, earthquakes can be hard to prepare for because they’re so … Continue reading

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Prescription Drug Costs

The high costs of new drugs, as well as the dramatic price increases of some older and traditionally less expensive generic drugs, have thrust drug prices into the headlines. But what’s the full story? Today, we’re shedding some light on … Continue reading

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